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Youth can make a difference

During November 2017 I had an opportunity to give lectures to high school pupils from Berane (Montenegro) on the subject of radicalization and violent extremism of youth: global and local context. It was very challenging for me as professionally this was my first engagement within this area of expertise, but also since this is completely new topic in our public discourse: I was excited and afraid at the same time. After Global Summit in Aarhus, Denmark, I knew what to do. People in general, especially young ones, don’t like too much theory. They like examples. And since storytelling is getting more and more useful method, because it can put listeners in front of the final act, emphasizing moral side of the story, I decided to focus on some stories of people that I know from my life and professional experience, but not saying their religious or ethnic background. It was my decision and good one. The moment when I started with telling to my audience about life story of my friend, whose…